Bring in your beloved bike or choose from our selection. We will make sure it’s good for the transformation.
Choose a kit that's right for you from the various
speed, power and range options, it’s up to you.
We will custom fit it for you and also throw in a 'GET RIDIN' service at the same time.


A fantastic ebike at a fraction of the cost of a lower specced production bike

Support from a New Zealand business.
Proven and reliable Mid drive motor system and Li-Ion battery.

12 month guarantee on battery and 24 months on the motor.

A free service after 6 months. 

Full spare parts inventory 

Professional installation and after sales service

Power and speed not available from  production Ebikes.

Your choice of components to suit your needs.

A customised bike like no other.





Check critical nuts and bolts

Check brakes

Check tire pressures and adjust

Ensure bike is safe and rideable



Get Safe plus...

Adjust and lubricate all cables

Adjustment of brakes

Lubrication and adjustment of derailleurs

Straighten derailleur hanger

Minor wheel true

Inspection of tyres for wear, correct seating and inflation

Check chain for wear and lubricate

Test ride for safety and road/trail worthiness



Get Ridin' plus...

Adjustment/replacement of bottom bracket

Adjustment/replacement of headset


Adjustment of front & rear hubs/bearing replacement

Truing of wheels (excludes tensioning and dishing)

Parts not included



Get Slick plus...

Remove and degrease drive train components or replace if worn.

Parts no included

These are just some of our set services. If there is anything else you require please ask. We carry out all work small or large



Why choose Swift Wheels? Well, that is aside from the fact that Brendon Sharrott, NZ Elite Mens Cyclocross Champion does? When you order a pair of hand built wheels from us, you receive a custom product made to the highest standards. 


We offer a range of wheels to provide value for money, excellent performance and first class aftermarket care. The aim is for these wheels to function for as long as possible. They are serviceable, rather than disposable items.  

Hand built wheels are custom made for you. They are built to suit specific riding conditions, along with factors such as rider weight and aesthetics. Custom made Swift wheels can retain compatibility with older components. They can also maximise the worth of existing components; if a rim is worn but a hub is still in good condition, the hub can be built up into a new set of wheels giving it new life.

A well built wheel will be stronger and more stable: no two wheel components are exactly the same, the components contain discrepancies. Each build needs to be different. A uniform build cannot provide the unique balance of tension required.  Building by hand also allows for each component to be handled and assessed individually, adding another level to quality control.

Advanced lubricants and preparations are used to ensure each wheel performs as well as it can for as long as it can.  Every wheel is pre-stressed intensively to ensure it won't need retensioning after your first ride. If tensions drop, the wheel is re-tensioned and the stressing process is undertaken again. This process is repeated until there is no movement from true.

Our brand of Swift Custom made wheels offers a lifetime guarantee for spoke replacement and retrues*. Wheels are produced to within 0.1mm of lateral trueness unless otherwise stated. That is equivalent to the average size of a grain of sand or the thickness of a human hair. If you you want peace of mind for any reason; you can send your Swift wheels back to our workshop to be checked free of charge*.