Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe
Harbours Edge,
16 Parumoana Street,
Porirua 5022
Workshop: 04 390 5595
Marketing/Cafe: 04 233 0660


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Trading Hours
Open 7 Days -
Workshop 9.30am-3.30pm
Cafe 9.30am-4.00pm
For bike repairs and inquiries outside of these hours please call us or send us an email




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August 9, 2017


Don't you just love those days that have a beautiful flow? Of course, perfect flow is a rarity but even semi-flow is good enough. The semi-flow days are where, yes little things may go wrong, little annoyances and inconveniences may emerge, but on the whole it's pretty good. 


These are the days when for me, any or all of the following may happen to create my lovely, enjoyable flowsy...


  • I wake up early and feel fresh as a daisy and I get the work-out in, either a quick run or a yoga session(and it’s a good one with sweat and out-of-breathness)

  • I manage not to succumb to eating too many spoonfuls of peanut butter and no chippies or lollies whatsoever (extremely rare but does happen from time to time) and every morsel that does touch my lips is delectable and healthy

  • My brain is razor sharp and every contribution I make at work gets the response I’m after; ‘...actually Angela makes a really valid point’

  • There’s an opportunity for some creativity, like time to get in some painting or writing or even creative cooking (my children always feel nervous when they ask what’s for dinner and I say 'hmmmmm, I’m not sure yet…I have this mince…’)

  • I get some outdoor time, a bike ride is generally my favourite. Chasing Simon up a hill on our mountain bikes ticks lots of boxes in terms of fun, exhilaration, adventure, fresh air, good views and quality time together. Even just a leisurely ride with the kids up at QE2 park in Paekak is a treat. 

  • There's time for a vino with one or a few of my dear friends to put the world to rights and generally reconnect.

  • I have full control over the big TV in the lounge and watch as many House of Cards as I like with no complaints. 


Now obviously, having all of these lovely things occur within one 24 hour period is a rarity. In the summer when the days are longer they are more of a probability but generally, life is peppered with a perfect mixture of a few of them combined with a good healthy chunk of daily grind and a sprinkling of minor challenges. But that's OK, if it weren't for those the perfect flow days would never get the appreciation they deserve.

















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