Convert Your Bike to Electric - Swift Torque E-Bike Conversion Package

Convert Your Bike to Electric - Swift Torque E-Bike Conversion Package

The perfect solution for the cyclist who still wants a bit of a workout while also enjoying the benefits of a power assisted ride up the hills. You'll get a longer range because the clever torque sensing motor reacts to your power input. 


Introducing the Swift Torque, a very tidy little package with a lot of punch and some fantastic tech! It's our only model with a torque-sensor and it's perfect for cyclists still wanting to get a bit of a workout because it responds to the amount of pressure that the rider exerts on the pedals.

Our Swift Torque system really is special as it's a relatively cheap conversion kit with rather expensive technology built into it. Torque-sensing means you have to pedal harder if you want to go faster. With our cadence based systems (Swift, Swift Plus, Swift Pro & Swift Power Pro) you just rotate the pedals and you will get assisted with the same amount of power, independent of how hard you pedal.

The Swift Torque also operates very quietly and smooth, you won’t really notice that it’s there while riding. So together with the great torque-sensing feature, it's a buttery smooth system to use.



  • High torque 48v 300w mid drive motor

  • Fits 68 to 73mm BSA bottom bracket

  • LCD display with battery and trip data

  • 48v / 10.5ah / 500 watt hour “slide in, slide out” secure battery with lithium ion cells and charger

  • Battery protection system

  • Integrated controller with pedal start and throttle start

  • IP 54 rated system

  • Range around 65km in pedal assist mode

  • Assisted speed up to 45km/h (adjustable)

  • Battery and component upgrades available

    $1,700.00 Regular Price
    $1,600.00Sale Price