Children's Toothpaste Tablets (bubblegum)

Children's Toothpaste Tablets (bubblegum)

SOLID children’s toothpaste tablets are a safe, effective and eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube.


Made by a New Zealand oral health therapist, these mini toothpaste tablets come in child-approved bubblegum flavour. They contain the recommended amount of fluoride to give children strong, healthy teeth for life.


This product is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and sodium lauryl sulfate free.

  • Directions

    Use one tablet for children 0-6 years. Press or crush into toothbrush bristles, then add a few drops of water. Assist your child to brush their teeth so as to minimise swallowing. Encourage to spit if child is old enough to do so. Rinsing is not necessary.

  • Note

    SOLID toothpaste tablets are hand pressed and packed by weight. Store out of reach of children and pets.