The Journey Continues...

Thanks to The Woolstore owner, Paul Robinson, we have the talented and inspiring Elyjana Roach working on our redevelopment project. When we move to our new, nearby location the plan is to create better use of the container space we currently have and also create a very special, sustainable place the community can enjoy. The big vision? Glass topped enclosed roof for seating and growing, solar panels to power us, a drainage system that allows us to reuse greywater, a composting system along with composting toilet facilities plus ebikes, fairy lights and hammocks. Are you starting to visualise just how cool this could be too? And yes, it's going to be a big in

vestment for us but we're coming up with some ideas we know you're going to LOVE to help us raise some capital that will also help bring the project to fruition. And hey, it could be a phased approach we take. Exciting though aye...and the really cool thing is that if we can make this happen and start to run the business as close to a circular economy as we possibly can, it will be a first for the region, maybe even NZ. No gaps is the ultimate goal - fully sustainable. A place for school groups such asEnviroschoolsto visit and learn. There is no better time to start recreating the way we do business and actually being the change we want to see. So let's go. And as for Elyjana, she has lived her whole life in Porirua. With her Master of Architecture, it was actually Elyjana who first came up with a plan to activate the Harbours Edge area. Have a read about her..…/pasifika-legacy/elyjana-roach

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