Porirua Represent! Rugby, Writing and cool Kiwi vibes

Beacons of hope. Isn't that what the world needs more of? We are about to create one and we would love your involvement. We have a couple of items we think you're going to love which will also support us to achieve our big sustainable vision and give you the opportunity to own something for yourself that has a lovely local flavour.

You may have read in previous blog and social media posts that we will soon be moving our operation to adjacent commercial land on Porirua's Harbours Edge. The land is owned by The Woolstore - good people who are 100% behind supporting businesses to become more sustainable.

When we move we want to transform our business in to a circular economy - possibly an NZ first sustainable bicycle cafe and education centre. You know the world’s dominant economic model can be characterised as ‘take, make and waste’. The circular economy though, offers a truly sustainable alternative. In a circular economy resources are never abandoned to become waste. Products are designed to be safe and easy to manage in cycles of production and reproduction. They flow safely and easily in and out.

Our aim is to enhance both our customer experience and our natural world through our existence - a bit of a benchmark for sustainability within hospitality and also an education facility for future generations to learn from.

So what do we have on offer to entice you? We will soon be launching a silent auction to sell this art work created for us by our friend Jason Kelly. Jason is a contemporary kiwiana artist who came to prominence with his super successful first series of prints, the "Sweet As" suite of iconic kiwiana style pictures with his trademark quirky twists and added humour. And this piece is a tribute to the late, great Porirua boy Jerry Collins. Painted on recycled timber and framed in a used bicycle rim this original work will be sold to the highest bidder with all proceeds of the sale going towards helping us achieve our sustainable vision - every little helps right? We will update you when the auction is live!

And what else? OK, well they say the greatest achievements and the greatest love comes from taking the greatest risks. I took one by writing this childrens book - eeeeek!

It has a local angle and a big message and I hope you'll like it. It's currently with the printers but when we launch we hope you will buy a copy.

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