Stealing Time in Porirua - Life coming out of Level 4 - Covid 19

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Us humans love to be inspired and so here's a little bit of inspiration to share with're living in it. We've enjoyed stealing some time, time when there's been no FOMO because everyones' MO or not...depending on how you look at it.

We will open again soon and we've managed to adapt our business accordingly, but we're not expecting to be up to full speed for a while. No doubt as time goes by and momentum builds we will be busy again, won't everyone? Of course as a business you want to be busy but as a human? Maybe not so much. When you think abut it, we are all pretty good at finding ways to be busy. And possibly when we're all busy being busy we're also being less deliberate and more disconnected.

Hopefully this little pause has taught us all to simplify a little bit. Stop and smell the kawkawa as it were. And maybe just be that little bit more conscious about what we're doing and how we're doing it...cook a bit more take out a bit less, do a little more good, waste a lot less, care and be present a bit more, live on the treadmill without taking time to stop and appreciate a bit less.

It goes to show that we probably don't need so much structure and deadlines and regimes. One thing we do need for sure is to look after this beautiful place we live in...and it is beautiful. Notice it more, get out in it more...stop focusing on what needs fixing and start focusing on what really doesn't. In the wise words of Daft Punk... Like the legend of the phoenix, all ends with beginnings, what keeps the planet spinning, the force from the beginning, we've come too far to give up who we are, so let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars.

Use this stolen piece of time to chart a new more present, more sustainable course.

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