Ebikes Are For Lazy, Fat, Old, Unfit People....

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

'Ebikes are for lazy, old, unfit people. People who don't wantot put the effort in and can't be bothered riding a normal bike.......WRONG!!!!

Perhaps that's what people used to think. In reality, what we've found is that Ebikes are actually for the most future focused, practical thinking, adventure seeking, fun loving types who want another outdoor activity to allow them to get some fresh air and enjoy life. Including us!

There was probably a common misconception and a negative stigma attached to this mode of transportation that wasn't mainstream. Now that power assisted bikes have become less of an exception to the rule, people are starting to wake up to the fact that they are for everyone, solve so many problems (both personal and environmental) and are catching on as one of the most economical, fun and future focused modes of transport around.

So who's buying our Hiko range and getting their bikes converted to electric? Well it's such a vast mixture of people;

  • There are the people who live on hills (almost everyone from Wellington)

  • There are the people who need to commute and get some exercise at the same time

  • There are the people who need to commute and want to get there faster

  • There are the people who need to commute and make less impact on the environment.

  • There are the people who want to transport their little people in a fun way and get some fresh air

  • There are the people who want to transport their shopping and not have to worry about the weight of their load

  • There are the couples who want to enjoy some quality, fun time together

  • There are the people who want to avoid traffic congestion

  • There are the people who haven't ridden a bike in ages and want to ease their way in to it by starting out on full power and working their way down to less power

  • There are the people who are fit but not as fit as the athletes and want to keep up

  • The majority of the people though are people who just want to have fun because if ebikes are anything at all, they are so much FUN

Our entry level range of Swift Torque are the perfect solution for people who want to get a bit of a workout but also want some extra power getting up the hills or battling the headwind. They're our only torque sensing system which means they will respond according to pressure applied to the pedals, amplifying your own effort in a sense, making it feel totally natural and your legs bionic!

Cadence technology is the most common on ebikes since its the cheapest PAS system. More expensive systems like Bosch systems, have torque-sensing PAS technology. So the Nifty Swifty conversion system really is special as its a relatively inexpensive conversion kit with pretty expensive technology built into it.

Interested? Ask about our AFTERPAY options. It means you don't have to come up with the price upfront and rather can spread smaller payments across a period of time.

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