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Bought a kit for both himself and myself and we've never been out on our bikes as often as we have over the past few months. We live by the coast, so it's always windy, either coming or going and this just makes the whole experience so much more pleasurable. It doesn't matter whether it's windy or if there's an incline. These electric motors flatten everything out. You're still getting exercise, as it's not compulsory to use the motor. And they're easy to fit too! 

Donna Pitman on December 11th 2017


 Very good customer experience. Quick to respond to emails and offers of support beyond working hours. I purchased a 250w front hub with LCD screen and 13000mAh battery and it is excellent. I had to, like most do some fettling to get it to fit my bike but everybody's experience will be different. It makes my 28 mile round trip to work on a single charge and back a breeze (mid-forties, overweight). Don't listen to people who say electric bikes are cheating, they are different and they are great for the commute. 

Michael Smith on December 6th 2017


 I’ve received a rear wheel 500W kit and installed it during an afternoon. Honestly, it did take me a little longer than expected (around 4 – 5 hours). This might be because my bike seem to be non-standard in every aspect imaginable. Nevertheless, it was absolutely doable with just the basic tools required. I’m reasonably handy but not overly so. Now to the performance…. WOW!! What a difference. I have a commute of 15 miles, which took me 1h 10min before mounting the kit. Now it takes me 50min! And I arrive nowhere near as tired as before. It’s absolutely brilliant… great mix between cycling and getting support for a long commute. I use the kit almost entirely on level 5 (highest level) and I get easily 30miles out of it. I’ve never completely emptied the battery (it’s not good for the battery anyway), but I suppose you could get close to 40 miles on the highest level. Great kit, can only recommend to anybody! 

Manuel Brunner on November 30th 2017


 I've recently just fitted the 1000 w rear wheel to my Cannondale super V8 retro full suspension mountain bike I am very happy with. The bike itself handles really well with the conversion kit I have had 37 miles an hour out of it. I'm over the moon with this kit the best bit of kit I've ever bought 

Gary Pope on November 15th 2017


 After doing some research I decided to buy my bike from this company they were very accommodating with me as I wanted the bike on a certain day when I would be home. My bike came on Friday which was planned unfortunately the bike was damaged in transit (Not EBC’s fault) I rang straight away feeling disappointed and spoke to Jamie I was reassured would be sorted out I actually had visions of many phone calls and excuses. Jamie rang me 10 minutes later and arranged for an engineer to come with the parts Saturday morning on his weekend off ( Mac his name ) a 320 mile round trip I was so pleased no messing around or excuses I would highly recommend this company top class service. 

Jonathan Dunn from Chard, Somerset on October 2nd 2017


 Great customer service, fabulous bike conversion 

Nigel Marsh on September 22nd 2017


 I have a Heart condition so really cannot cycle very far. I use to be a sponsored cyclist racing down mountains like alpes d'huez doing mega avalanche and many other races around the UK. Today I cycled to work with the aid of a Electric cycle conversion kit and have to say it was the most thrilling thing I have done in a while. Very easy to build onto my current bike. Have to thank these guys as something has been missing for the past 4 years and that was the ability to cycle but now it's back on the road for me and now thinking of a recumbent cycle project next year 

Mark Williams on September 19th 2017


 I bought an electrical kit on my old bike and it proves to be great. This is very nice for old people like me. 

Jon ThorbergFriopjofsson on August 15th 2017


 I bought a 250 watt front wheel kit and took me a few hours to fit but not that difficult. The guys at EBC are very helpful. Am a 68 year old cyclist and the ol' pins are not what they used to be, but now am not daunted by hills as the bike assists me up them with ease. 

Eric Westerman on August 11th 2017


 Bought a 2017 fireball electric bike a few weeks ago, finally got to go out on it today, real good fun I absolutely loved it. Great customer service, friendly down to earth people, thank you 

Nita Coupland on July 12th 2017